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Most men have few friends. Those that are able to name close male friends typically identify someone from their college days or the military that live far away and that they no longer see. Less than 25% of Christian men surveyed have a close male friend right now; for pastors the percentage is even smaller – less than 5 percent.

Everyone needs friends, preferably at least three. Daniel had three. Jesus had three. How about you? David Benner claims, “If you are making significant progress on the transformational journey of Christian spirituality, you have one or more friendships that support that journey. If you do not, you are not. It is that simple.”  Benner goes on to define a spiritual friendship as two people who help each other discern the voice and presence of God in their lives.

Blessing Ranch Ministries is committed to connecting Christian leaders who are committed to mutual deepening. These Covenant Groups provide confidential and soul enriching opportunities typically unavailable in the local church. That’s because no one gets the unique challenge of pastors like other pastors. You may lead a growing ministry and have hundreds or even thousands of Facebook friends and yet have no one outside your wife who really understands you and is truly devoted to you.

If you would like to be introduced to others in ministry who long for deep soul-enriching relationship, we would love to introduce you to a high capacity Covenant Group leader.

  • Enjoy a semi-annual small group connection either at Blessing Ranch Ministries headquarters or another location.
  • Be enriched by those who understand the extraordinary complexities of ministry.
  • Be encouraged with a personal monthly follow-up to energize, enlighten and sharpen you.

Your ministry will never be any richer than your relationships with others in ministry!

"Thanks again for everything you did for me.  Your Spirit filled listening and Biblical advice changed my life." Senior Pastor, Texas
"I’ve been counting my blessings and was just thanking God for you and Blessing Ranch Ministries. . . God has completely changed my life through the ministry of Blessing Ranch Ministries and I praise God for that change. . . I know that I still have much to learn about myself and stress factors in my life, but each day gets better and better. The greatest thing I learned at Blessing Ranch Ministries is that God actually loves me. My performance for him or anyone else doesn’t matter. God loves me no matter how I perform. I have so much freedom now and I am not plagued by the need to perform perfectly." Church Planter, New Mexico
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