Sometimes success is simply surviving! Last week we had dinner with friends who just returned from San Juan. Dave and Kim had endured the terror of Hurricane Maria while on the 14th floor of their beachfront apartment. Windows were blown out as their entire building swayed under the force of the ferocious storm. Read more »


Without the risk of vulnerability we will never enjoy true loyalty. One of the great delights of my life has been a five-year friendship with my successor,Shan Moyers. I never imagined that Shan would ever be on staff with me, much less the man that I would bless to lead the ministry we launched 29 years prior into the next season and beyond. Read more »


Even the best life is a stressed life these days. The constant bombardment of noise, nonstop media-driven bad news and the unrelenting busyness of ordinary life all combine to drain my emotional tank. By contrast, three types of consistent activities especially fuel and replenish me.

One of the books I’ve recently appreciated is simply entitled Reset. It’s subtitled Living a Grace Paced Life in a Burnout Culture by David Murray. At first I didn’t realize just how beneficial the book would be, but now I’m ready to recommend it far and wide―especially for highly stressed leaders. Here are my own 3 R’s anyone can use to reset themselves for living a grace paced life. Read more »


As they say―growing old is inevitable . . . growing up is optional. Now that I’ve just celebrated my 70th birthday I realize that I still have a lot to learn. That’s why I read and reflect every day. Almost without fail, I discover (or sometimes re-discover) a rich insight or two that is really helpful to me. Some of these learnings inspire me, others convict me, and many even affirm me. Read more »


Even All-Stars sometimes need a rest. I’m occasionally called on to pinch hit for another preacher. That’s what I’ve done in Florida recently for a couple of churches. Last weekend I was at a mega church with four services.
It was exhilarating . . . and exhausting! I almost forgot what it was like to be batting in the cleanup spot most every week for over 43 years. While the response that comes from young and old is always deeply gratifying, preaching also comes at a high price. Read more »


“This church is going to make it, even if I have to get a job selling shoes at K-Mart!” I’ll never forget sharing those words to a worried leader early in the life of our new church in Colorado. We had just finished a sobering meeting in which the plans for our first building were presented. After everyone had left the hotel conference room, my friend Grant and I were staring at the blueprints and calculating the costs. We were both more than a little scared. That’s when I surprised myself with a bold declaration. Read more »


Every miracle has a shelf life. It doesn’t matter how amazing the provision of the past, we still have the capacity to doubt God’s provision for the future. I just heard a friend of strong faith say, “In light of the miracles I’ve seen, you’d think I’d never struggle with any doubts, but I’m embarrassed to say that I do.”

It’s almost like watching a movie once, then wondering whether the rerun will be the same! Even if we believe that God can meet a need, we often wonder whether God will meet a need. I don’t know anyone who never doubts God’s willingness to intervene. I’ve experienced it, you’ve experienced it and Scripture illustrates it. Read more »


“The faster I go the behinder I get!” That’s an old Pennsylvania Dutch saying my mother loved to quote over 50 years ago. Funny how it seems more relevant today than ever.

I just had coffee with a young attorney buddy who said, “If you’ve got any suggestions on slowing things down, let me know!” When I said that I did, he was surprised and ready to listen. Read more »


When it comes to pastors there’s a lot of “fake news” floating around. The good news is that many pastors are doing quite well. That’s the big take-away I gleaned from a four hour on-line conference held January 26, 2017 at Pepperdine University.
Believe it or not, pastors are happier and healthier than the general population and highly fulfilled in their work. Here are a few insights from David Kinnaman and The Barna Group’s latest report (The State of Pastors, available at ) as well as a variety of speakers assembled at Pepperdine to address culture shifts. Read more »


I love cherry pie . . . not humble pie. Unfortunately, I find myself consuming far more of the “humble” kind than the dessert kind. Whenever I think that I’m making progress in humility, I’m convicted again.

Just this morning I found another reason for both pride and humility. Linda and I were in a flexibility class and I asked the instructor why her own husband didn’t attend . . . taking pride in the fact that at least I did! It wasn’t long before I was humbled again by my inflexibility. Not just by the flexible women in the class, but by the fact that I’m the least flexible guy. That hurts! Read more »

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"We were able to spend a week at Blessing Ranch Ministries. It was an amazing week! . . . . We learned SO much during this week. It was a great opportunity for rest, reflection, prayer, reading and seeking wise counsel. We were blessed beyond words! Each day we would have sessions with Dr. Walker, time to reflect, homework (a lot of reading), and amazing dinners each night. . . I grew so much in my personal faith journey during this week." Missionary, Dominican Republic
"Just wanted to say a quick note of thanks to you for jumpstarting our road to recovery. You told me before we went there that Blessing Ranch Ministries was a place of miracles, and we totally agree with you. God used you to begin our healing process, and for that I’m so thankful." Missions and Outreach Pastor, Illinois
"I was burned out, overwhelmed, and anxious when I arrived at the Blessing Ranch Ministries; I left feeling validated and hopeful, with a deeper awareness of who God is and who I am." Youth Pastor, Wisconsin
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