Time Out!


“The faster I go the behinder I get!” That’s an old Pennsylvania Dutch saying my mother loved to quote over 50 years ago. Funny how it seems more relevant today than ever.

I just had coffee with a young attorney buddy who said, “If you’ve got any suggestions on slowing things down, let me know!” When I said that I did, he was surprised and ready to listen.

I began by sharing a few insights from “The Time Keeper” by Mitch Album.

  • “Counting consumes him, and the wonder of the world he has been given is lost.”
  • “You marked the minutes … but did you use them wisely? To be still? To cherish? To be grateful? To lift and to be lifted?”
  • “When hope is gone, time is a punishment.”
  • “There is a reason God limits our days. Why? To make each one precious.”
  • “When you are measuring life, you are not living it.”

Once again I told my friend how I’ve managed to slow time down just a little. I’ve always been intrigued by the passing of time and even obsessed with it. That’s why I’ve kept a daily log of activities for decades and even a daily journal of insights and reflections. What I’ve learned is that I learn little from experience alone but much from reflecting on my experiences.

I’m hungry for wisdom – I crave it. That’s why I enjoy reading and pondering on the scriptures each morning and journaling five reasons for gratitude every day. Moses once wrote: “Teach us to realize the brevity of life, so that we may grow in wisdom.” Psalm 90:12.

The best part of my day is my “time out” every morning. Rarely do I have nothing else to do. Instead, I must take the time for this, find the time, even force the time into my daily routine.

If you’re like my busy lawyer buddy with a thriving business and growing family maybe you would benefit from a daily “time out” as well.

Grace and Peace,

Alan Ahlgrim
Director of Pastor Care

Blessing Ranch Ministries

"We were able to spend a week at Blessing Ranch Ministries. It was an amazing week! . . . . We learned SO much during this week. It was a great opportunity for rest, reflection, prayer, reading and seeking wise counsel. We were blessed beyond words! Each day we would have sessions with Dr. Walker, time to reflect, homework (a lot of reading), and amazing dinners each night. . . I grew so much in my personal faith journey during this week." Missionary, Dominican Republic
"Just wanted to say a quick note of thanks to you for jumpstarting our road to recovery. You told me before we went there that Blessing Ranch Ministries was a place of miracles, and we totally agree with you. God used you to begin our healing process, and for that I’m so thankful." Missions and Outreach Pastor, Illinois
"I was burned out, overwhelmed, and anxious when I arrived at the Blessing Ranch Ministries; I left feeling validated and hopeful, with a deeper awareness of who God is and who I am." Youth Pastor, Wisconsin
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