My brothers from other mothers

When we share our successes we might become competitors, but when we share our struggles we become brothers! That just happened with five of us this week as we gathered in Tampa Bay. One said, “This has been a transformational experience.” Everyone agreed. Read more »

Rough road

Impotence . . . it’s every man’s fear. The non-stop ads for Viagra, Cialis and a growing number of testosterone supplements prove the point. However, I suspect that the issue of deepest concern goes far beyond performance in the bedroom. I suspect it really has to do with the inevitable decline of aging. Read more »

Puzzle pieces

“Congratulations, you’re successfully connected!” Those were the encouraging words that just popped up on my screen after I installed a new router in my home office. Yes, I did that all by myself! Sometimes connecting is easy; unfortunately, other times it’s frustrating and even disheartening. Read more »


“If you could ask God for anything this Christmas, what might it be?” That’s the question I posed last week to a good buddy over lunch. It caught him by surprise. He gave me a wide-eyed stare and said, “Anything?” Read more »


We make our choices and then our choices make us. Not only that, the choices we make also make a difference to others, sometimes an immeasurable one. Read more »

Oil Change

Whenever I’m in a taxi cab I almost always quiz the driver.I’m curious to know just how many miles he has on his odometer. Rarely is the number much less than 200,000! Last week in Columbus, Ohio, I was amazed at the response because the driver only had 136,000 miles on his mini-van. When the cabbie saw my surprise he hastened to tell me that his favorite van to drive was one in terrific shape even after 380,000 miles! Read more »


She was only 20, and still both fast and beautiful. She was much too young to have enjoyed her last ride on the open space of Boulder County. But the sudden onset of neurological problems and loss of vision made her a danger both to herself and others. With profound sadness Linda just bid her a tearful and tender farewell. Read more »

The New Blessing Ranch

Big News! Blessing Ranch Ministries will now be based in Florida. The Ranch in Colorado has been sold, and a wonderful new facility has just been purchased. All current ministries are re-launching and moving forward in a new location! Read more »

Ethan and Molly

My little buddy Ethan just helped me take Molly Brown for a “business trip.” Ordinarily it’s just Molly and me, but today I had an early meeting so our excursion was delayed, fortunately my grandson dropped by to join me. Ethan loves to walk Molly so it was a special delight for both of us. Read more »

Hidden Beauty

Stunning beauty surrounds us and yet we can be oblivious to it. We just installed a new light bulb, highlighting the picture above our mantle. Wow, what a difference! It prompted me to journal:“Help me Lord to better shine light on the beauty around me so that others can be inspired to celebrate with me!” Read more »

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"We were able to spend a week at Blessing Ranch Ministries. It was an amazing week! . . . . We learned SO much during this week. It was a great opportunity for rest, reflection, prayer, reading and seeking wise counsel. We were blessed beyond words! Each day we would have sessions with Dr. Walker, time to reflect, homework (a lot of reading), and amazing dinners each night. . . I grew so much in my personal faith journey during this week." Missionary, Dominican Republic
"Just wanted to say a quick note of thanks to you for jumpstarting our road to recovery. You told me before we went there that Blessing Ranch Ministries was a place of miracles, and we totally agree with you. God used you to begin our healing process, and for that I’m so thankful." Missions and Outreach Pastor, Illinois
"I was burned out, overwhelmed, and anxious when I arrived at the Blessing Ranch Ministries; I left feeling validated and hopeful, with a deeper awareness of who God is and who I am." Youth Pastor, Wisconsin
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