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It’s been said that there is no success without a successor. While that may be a slight overstatement, it’s still a valuable reminder that no matter how long or how well a leader serves, sooner or later he will stop leading. That’s life. When the day comes that we pass the baton or kick the bucket or just move on, what then? Read more »

A God sized dream

God’s vision was even bigger than ours! Thirty years ago today we launched a new church. We were more than excited. A few months prior, we had moved our young family across the country in pursuit of a God honoring dream. We left the known for the unknown, a secure ministry for an uncertain opportunity. Read more »

Game ball

Some honors mean more than others.While we all appreciate encouragement and enthusiastic high fives, it’s the recognition of peers that often means the most. I was just surprised with one of those via UPS when I was honored with a “game ball.” Read more »

Our Family Rules

We all like rules, especially when we get to make them! While visiting our North Carolina kids, I found their list called “Our Family Rules” displayed in their home. I posted it on Facebook and it was just a matter of seconds before people started hitting the “like” button and sharing it as well. Read more »

Saints and Sinners

He drew huge crowds; now he is living with huge shame. Years ago I attended several of his amazing conferences. He was a mesmerizing teacher, presenting lists of “biblical principles” for all sorts of topics related to holy living. Sadly, 30 women are now accusing him of unholy conduct. Read more »

Going Deeper

Old friends aren’t always the best. What matters most is not just the duration of a relationship but the depth. Over time, you discover some surprising things and sometimes the surprises aren’t so good. Read more »

Everything Praise the Lord

Praise is often much more powerful than prayer. That’s because prayer can be filled with fear while praise is filled with faith. I can relate to that. When I praise God, I find it liberating and energizing. Read more »


I’m serious. If you could have anything what would it be? Not every desire is a high calorie or corrupting one. We all want something, and not everything we want is bad for us. That’s because God designed us to desire stuff. Read more »

Best of 2013

Last year I enjoyed dozens of books and movies. If you’re looking for a few inspiring suggestions to add to your personal enjoyment list, consider these: Read more »

One Word That Will Change Your Life

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"We were able to spend a week at Blessing Ranch Ministries. It was an amazing week! . . . . We learned SO much during this week. It was a great opportunity for rest, reflection, prayer, reading and seeking wise counsel. We were blessed beyond words! Each day we would have sessions with Dr. Walker, time to reflect, homework (a lot of reading), and amazing dinners each night. . . I grew so much in my personal faith journey during this week." Missionary, Dominican Republic
"Just wanted to say a quick note of thanks to you for jumpstarting our road to recovery. You told me before we went there that Blessing Ranch Ministries was a place of miracles, and we totally agree with you. God used you to begin our healing process, and for that I’m so thankful." Missions and Outreach Pastor, Illinois
"I was burned out, overwhelmed, and anxious when I arrived at the Blessing Ranch Ministries; I left feeling validated and hopeful, with a deeper awareness of who God is and who I am." Youth Pastor, Wisconsin
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