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"Thanks for using your spiritual gifts to help others . . . When we contacted you, it seemed all hope was gone. But the Lord stepped in and made it all happen. It was His answer to long-standing prayer." Church Elder and Wife, Colorado
"Alexander Pope wrote, 'Words are like leaves; and where they most abound, much fruit of sense beneath is rarely found.' My hope is that my expressions of appreciation for the experience and ministry gained while at Blessing Ranch in Florida do not exceed this quota criteria. There is no adequate expression of appreciation for your time, caring, candor and glaring authenticity. Your influence has and will, continue to change my mind, my marriage, my overall ministry purpose, and potential, and leave me feeling grateful for John and Deanna Walker! I believe our meeting was just in time!" Founding and Teaching Pastor, Massachusetts
"I know I’m just as grateful for what you all do today as I was when my wife and I left there a few years ago.  There’s no doubt you all absolutely changed the trajectory of our marriage and our ministry in a way that nothing else ever has!  Thank you!" Lead Pastor and Wife, Georgia
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