Frequently Asked Questions

Who can participate in Blessing Ranch Ministries’ Services and Programs?

Blessing Ranch Ministries is passionate about blessing Pastors, Missionaries and other Christian leaders. The Christian leader may be employed by a Church, Mission Agency or Para-church Organization or simply serve as a volunteer leader with a church, mission agency or para-church organization, church agency or other Christian organization.  If you are making a Kingdom difference and desire to make a greater impact in God’s Kingdom, you are a Christian leader and you are welcome. Families of Christian leaders are also welcome.

How long do services at Blessing Ranch Ministries last?

Intensive Psychological Services:

Most guests come for one week and return within one year for a second, follow-up week.  They arrive Sunday afternoon or evening and leave on Friday, which enables them to keep weekend commitments, if needed.  The sessions begin on Monday morning with several hours per day Monday through Friday being spent in private sessions with a licensed Psychologist.  Additional time is spent outside of the sessions completing guided assignments provided for inner self-probing and critical reflection.

Covenant Groups:

Covenant Groups typically meet face to face for three days twice per year over the course of three years. Participants remain in monthly contact with their leader and group through phone, email, and Skype to energize, enlighten, and sharpen them.

House Calls:

Most House Calls span one week and many organizations enjoy follow-up House Calls within 6 months to one year. House Calls are individually designed to meet the needs of the church or organization. 

What should I expect from my week at Blessing Ranch Ministries?

Each individual, couple or family is uniquely served, depending on their concerns, issues, and needs.  Blessing Ranch Ministries offers the uniqueness of integrating Psychology and God’s Truth to meet the needs of leaders where they are and helps them move to where they want and need to be.  The success of the week is not measured in immediate results but by the on-going, life-changing events that happen as a result of the seeds planted during the week.  Getting to the heart of the matter is vital, and Blessing Ranch Ministries does just that.

Where do I/we stay during my time at Blessing Ranch Ministries?

Guests stay at a local hotel, bed and breakfast, or vacation rental home of their choosing. Guests explore the nearby restaurants, grocery stores, etc. to provide breakfast and dinner. Lunch is offered free of charge Monday through Thursday at our office location for guests to enjoy.  The common lunch meal is often a highlight for guests.

Questions and Answers with Dr. John Walker

In the video below, Dr. John Walker answers the following questions: 

Is ministry getting more complex?

What is the difference between being exceptional and being the exception?

What are pastors like in private?

How does experience affect the challenges pastors have?

What are some keys to sustainability?

What are some of the special pressures on pastors?

What do pastors fear?

What is so refreshing about Blessing Ranch Ministries?

"Thank you, thank you, thank you! I find a peace deep within, that has always been there, but was covered. Accepting God’s grace and love has removed the walls and dirt, and He has begun to heal, what I used to think was impossible. Accepting that the Father loves me just as much in disgrace as he does in grace is a love I cannot comprehend, but it is becoming my reality day by day…You all have opened my eyes to this journey of finding my home in the Father’s love. I am ever grateful." Associate Pastor, New Hampshire
"Our lives have been so tremendously transformed from the time we were with you.  Of course, we had to work on it to build upon what we heard from you.  I pray that it would work out for us to have a follow up time with you. " Founder and President of Evangelical Seminary, Jordan
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