Are you the leader you’ve been created to be? Are you struggling with leadership challenges? Struggling to grow?  Do you need help taking your leadership to the next level?

Imagine having a seasoned leadership coach helping you maximize your potential as a leader and and helping you navigate through the numerous challenges you face as a Christian leader.

We are excited to add Leadership Coaching as one of the ways we help Christian leaders live well, lead well, and finish well! Leadership coaching is one of the most powerful ways to help leaders take their leadership to the next level.

Leadership coaching is a process that accelerates the development of a leader. Leadership coaches assist leaders in assessing their true leadership potential and development abilities and guide them through a process of growth that occurs much faster than the leader could do on their own. It’s a collaborative process that develops awareness of the leader, setting clear development goals, and guiding the leader to achieve these goals, for their own growth as well as the success of the organization. It is an excellent option to help leaders navigate through the complexities of leading a church and church staff today, no matter the size.

Typical examples of leadership coaching:

  • Preparing a leader for a promotion/developing high potential leaders rapidly
  • Navigating through change and transition
  • Improving Emotional Intelligence issues
  • Leveraging Conversational Intelligence
  • Embracing and leveraging natural giftedness/wiring
  • Navigating through conflict
  • Finding solutions to challenges
  • Find a healthy work-life balance
  • Becoming more effective at the hiring process
  • Building & leading healthy teams
  • Creating customized development and growth plans


1. One-on-One Leadership Coaching:

We meet one-on-one three to four times per months, getting clear about your potential as a leader, identifying the challenges between you and where you want and need to be, and developing a game plan designed to help you bridge that gap and lead from your potential.

2. Team Coaching

Team coaching is a powerful way to develop a healthy leadership team made up of healthy leaders. This work combines a focus on what it takes to have a sustainable, powerful, focused leadership team to navigate through the challenges busy leaders face along with one-on-one work with each member of the team. We work with teams for six to twelve months and develop a framework for healthy leadership, setting growth goals, and establishing team ownership and accountability.

3. Leadership Growth and Development Workshops:

We offer half-day and full-day workshops centered around either helping individuals and organizations increase their Emotional Intelligence, or in discovering the uniqueness of each leader and how to leverage that within the organization.

Ready to explore having a certified leadership coach work with you and/or your team?

Please complete the form below and our team will contact you to explore how Blessing Ranch might partner with you to help take your leadership to the next level.If you have other questions, please email larry@blessingranch.org.

"We continue to process the things we learned and were challenged with at the Ranch…It feels like the stronghold of depression we have been struggling with for so long is gone. Our communication is much better…and we feel more hope…I know the changes in us will have a profound effect on our children, our teammates and our work overseas." A Missionary Couple, Kenya
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