Imagine having a seasoned, trusted leader walk alongside you as you take steps in your leadership and spiritual journey. Imagine having a safe place to turn when life is hard, you need encouragement, or simply accountability to stay the course.

Our Mentoring Program at Blessing Ranch Ministries is designed to pair a seasoned mentor with leaders who desire mentoring for a season of their life. Most mentors meet once or twice monthly with mentees, and are available for email and phone support as needed.

If you haven’t yet been our guest, mentoring is a great way to have a seasoned leader from an organization with over 20 years of leadership counseling experience, serving over 4,000 Christian leaders. It’s a great supplement for your journey, and is a perfect complement to our intensive counseling services if you choose to attend a week at Blessing Ranch.

If you’ve been our guest in the past, mentoring is designed to help you stay the course with the action plan you developed with your psychologist during your week of intensive counseling, and to sustain the gains that you’ve made. It helps to nurture and encourage the catalyzing change that began during your visit to Blessing Ranch


Infidelity Recovery

Many of our guests at Blessing Ranch are struggling through the aftermath of infidelity in the marriage, whether it be an affair, emotional affair, or pornography addiction. In a marriage relationship, recovery from the trauma that infidelity can cause at first glance may appear to be improbable, if not impossible.  We understand - so many have felt those same feelings, but throughout our work with Christian leaders, we’ve seen many marriages repaired, restored and even enhanced during our years of counseling.

This specific type of mentoring is designed for couples who are in recovery from an affair and are walking through the restoration process to complete mentoring together.  

Alternatively, a one on one mentoring setting provides an opportunity for men who have had an affair, an emotional affair, pornography viewing, or anything that may have caused their spouse to lose trust in the relationship, to walk alongside someone who understands what has happened and who desires to help your marriage be reconciled to what God intended it to be.  Your mentor will, in a realistic and practical manner, keep you focused on being the person of integrity that God has called you to be. Note: at this time, infidelity recovery mentoring is offered only for men or couples.

General Mentoring

Being a Christian leader is hard. Have you ever wished you had a trusted advisor to turn to along the way for guidance and support? Mentoring is having an experienced, trusted advisor guide you on your journey.  Someone you can trust to ask questions, stretch you, encourage you, be real with you. Whether you are dealing with burnout, hurts, work conflict, or any number of other issues, we can help.


We offer mentoring in both a group and a 1:1 format.


Our mentoring groups meet monthly via a secure video chat with no more than 12 people that share your path or areas of needed improvement. This will allow you to journey with others who are in a similar season as you, guided by a trusted facilitator.  

One on One

In our one-on-one mentoring, you’ll meet monthly via video chat with an experienced, trusted guide who will encourage you, ask you questions, and help keep you moving down a path that honors God and helps you achieve the growth you desire.


Please complete the form below, and our team will contact you to explore how mentoring can help you take transformative next steps on your leadership and spiritual journey.

"We continue to process the things we learned and were challenged with at the Ranch…It feels like the stronghold of depression we have been struggling with for so long is gone. Our communication is much better…and we feel more hope…I know the changes in us will have a profound effect on our children, our teammates and our work overseas." A Missionary Couple, Kenya
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