Intensive Counseling Services

Intensive Counseling Services are provided in the time-honored, intensive care format at Blessing Ranch Ministries’ headquarters in the Tampa Bay area of Florida. Since 1992, Blessing Ranch Ministries’ staff has worked with over 4,000 Christian leaders, many of whom testify they would not have remained faithfully serving in ministry without time spent at Blessing Ranch Ministries.

Intensive Counseling Services for:

Pastors, Missionaries, other Christian Leaders, and their Spouses:

Dr. John Walker and Dr. Charity Byers provide Blessing Ranch Ministries’ well established and highly successful adult Intensive Counseling Services. All sessions are private and may be conducted either individually or as a couple. Couples are encouraged to participate together whenever appropriate.

Intensive Counseling Services Are:


Intensive Counseling Services integrate and blend the best of Psychology with God’s Word and Truth in ways that prioritize God’s Word and will for Christian leaders’ lives.


Our Counseling Services are intensive, with most participants spending numerous hours daily from Monday through Friday of one week with a  licensed Psychologist. Considerable time is spent each day during that week with a Blessing Ranch Ministries' Psychologist listening intently to the participant’s story and probing where needed. The participant also completes guided assignments provided by the Psychologist for critical reflection and self-probing. The Psychologist and participant together create goals and a plan to address discovered issues and enable long-term gains. At the completion of the week, participants feel and know they have been heard and gained insights and plans that will impact their lives and ministries forever.


Each participant's experience is uniquely tailored to their story and needs. This individual, customized approach results in deep transformation in a short period of time. Conversations are carried on in strict confidence and privacy. No group counseling sessions are offered, although spouses and families may share sessions together.

A Typical Week of Intensive Counseling Services:

Guests normally arrive on Sunday afternoon or evening and settle into a local hotel, which is included in the charge for the weeklong intensive. We will reserve a stay at a Holiday Inn on your behalf, but if you'd prefer to stay elsewhere, we will subtract the lodging reservation cost from our fee.

Monday morning begins the Intensive Counseling Services process with guests telling their story to their licensed Psychologist. Guests meet privately for several hours per day with the licensed Psychologist with the goal of creating transformation in their lives. In between sessions, guided assignments to think, reflect, write, and create are provided to assist guests in opening up for healing and growth.

When not in session or engaged in guided assignments, guests often enjoy spending time in quiet reflection or exploring local attractions. This free time allows guests a chance not only to take in the beauty of the area, but also a time for critical reflection on the day’s sessions. Evenings are open for guests to leisurely enjoy. World-renowned Clearwater Beach, the historic Greek Sponge Docks of Tarpon Springs as well as various parks and nature preserves are nearby and offer opportunities for enjoyment and exploration.

The only shared or “common” time available for all guests and staff is the lunch meal Monday through Thursday, which is offered free of charge at our office facility. When guests choose to join us for this meal it has proven to be a blessing for everyone. The blessing is found through the rich table of fellowship with brothers and sisters in Christ sharing a meal of respect and honor, laughter and lightness—a meal of blessing. Guests are on their own to explore the plethora of local restaurants, grocery stores, etc. for their breakfasts and dinners.

Every week guests depart Friday after their morning session with thankfulness and joy in their hearts and with renewed minds, hearts and spirits for their families, for their ministries and for Kingdom service.

What Happens After A Week of Intensive Counseling Services:

"Our sessions were so amazing. We felt as though God had scripted each one. John [Walker] has an amazing ability to connect with people at the deepest level and discern what is going on with them. He is a great listener and we knew that he cared deeply for us. The assignments were so good. We found the one on Wednesday and Thursday to be life-changing." Associate Minister, Maryland
"I knew I needed love from God and people, but I never realized how badly I needed to care for myself. Dr. Charity validated ME as well as my struggles. I left Blessing Ranch Ministries with strategies and hope! God worked powerfully during my time at the Blessing Ranch Ministries. He destroyed my theology through tears, words of validation, long walks, and personalized counseling assignments (Yes, there is homework!). Not only did God use Dr. Charity to shake the foundation I'd built my life on, He used her to begin the rebuilding process. With God's help, Dr. Charity took old truths I'd known to a more deeply impactful, literally life-changing level. Grace is real, and I am valuable! " Children's Pastor, Florida
"Twelve years ago God used you to save my life when I was deeply wounded in ministry. I survived a failed attempt by a group of people in the church who tried to have me removed as Senior Pastor, about 6 weeks before my 20th anniversary at the church. I was so deeply wounded – there were days I wondered if it was worth continuing to live. I am forever grateful for how God used him and John Walker to save my life… Forgiveness was the doorway to freedom and by God’s grace I became healthy again and the church was healthy again…The past nine years have especially been an adventure of faith, learning to trust God. . . I remain deeply honored to have John Walker as one of my Inner Circle of 5. God continues to use him to bless my life, my marriage, my family and my ministry. Our journey continues as we walk by faith, trusting God each step of the way." Senior Pastor, Michigan
"Thank you! The Lord used you in a mighty way. Thank you for hearing me and never judging me. Thank you for your wisdom, tools, and scriptures to help me overcome. I was and am so overwhelmed by my new freedom and I had to make sure it was real. I still pinch myself every day. It is definitely real. I still have some difficult days, but they don't hold me captive anymore. I know I'm forgiven and free. My past is just that--my past." Female Administrative Assistant, North Carolina
"I think that being able to go to Blessing Ranch Ministries literally saved our marriage and our family. . . We came to Blessing Ranch Ministries because my husband confessed to me that he had an affair. He also confessed to his poor treatment of me for most of our 10 year marriage due to issues from his childhood that were never dealt with. . . To say I was devastated doesn’t begin to describe it. . . What happened at Blessing Ranch Ministries can only be described as a miraculous movement of God! God broke my husband and tore out the roots of dysfunction that have been growing for 20 years. . . God taught my husband to trust in Him in ways he hasn’t before. . . God showed me, yet again and in new ways, His love for me. His amazing love, and even LIKE, of me started to seep into the hurt and broken places in me like it never has before . . . And our marriage is on the path toward restoration. . . I, for the first time since this whole thing hit, have hope for our marriage, our family, and our ministry. . . And I know this would not have happened without our time at Blessing Ranch Ministries. Blessing Ranch Ministries is a blessing and a gift and a tool of God! Their ministry to us, and so many others, is life changing because they are letting God use them. " Outreach Pastor and Wife, Indiana
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