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In the early nineties, Dr. John Walker was clearly called by God to establish Blessing Ranch Ministries, a Christian leader resource and renewal center. Since 1996, Blessing Ranch has fulfilled its mission to restore and renew Christian leaders for effective Kingdom service through professional Intensive Counseling services. The goal has always been to help leaders live well, lead well, and finish well, and as a result, the ministry quickly became highly sought after. In 2011, Dr. Charity Byers, daughter of Dr. Walker, joined the team as a psychologist. Dr. Byers was named CEO in 2017 and actively leads the ministry since Dr. Walker's retirement.

After using The Unhindered Model of transformation for over 25 years with thousands of Christian leaders, Dr. Walker and Dr. Byers shared their knowledge and expertise through their book, Unhindered: Aligning the Story of Your Heart. The release of the book in 2020 catalyzed a growing desire to multiply the reach of Blessing Ranch Ministries and bring transformation to Kingdom-minded churches and organizations in more accessible ways. Where the Intensive Counseling has always focused on renewal for leaders, The Unhindered Life (TUL) initiative was born to resource leaders and further fulfill Dr. Walker’s original call. 

TUL’s resources and programs allow a broad reach of leaders to be equipped with additional tools to unhinder their hearts and unhinder their Kingdom service. Through TUL, the transforming work that has always been at the heart of Blessing Ranch Ministries is now readily available for local churches and organizations to use on their own campuses for the development of their on-site leaders. The heart work at the core of TUL programs promotes healing in leaders, teams, and cultures which results in healthy disciples and more effective Kingdom impact. 


"We believe we’ve discovered some real answers – and now are convinced we’ve been allowed to come to the brink of breakdown to see the real/deeper issues holding us back from a fuller life together. I am so grateful for the things you showed me about how God feels about me. Thanks for how you spoke straight to me from God’s Word. The truth of who I am came straight from God. Thanks for being the one He used to show me. You are our friend. No conditions. We love you." Creative Arts Director and Husband, Iowa
"I just wanted to say THANK YOU! I can’t tell you how appreciative I am and we are for the time you took for us. It has made a wonderful difference in our lives. I believe with all my heart you helped my husband to get to a point where he is free to live his life the way God intended. What a wonderful gift you have given him and our family. Thank you for sharing what God has given him and our family. Thank you for sharing what God has given you to help others through the 'muck'! It was our privilege to share time with you." Young Adult Pastor and Wife, Oregon
"I leave here going on a journey unknown. Uncertainty of all of my tomorrows. Charity, I leave here knowing two things with certainty. First, God loves me, plain and simply me. Two, I can and should entrust God with my cares and pains. He wants to help. **Very important part – Charity, you were the source the Lord used to clear my eyes and my ears. You put the pill in, poured the water in, then a little more water, patted my back – then more water and on and on – Our eyes met and the Lord used you to convince me of something I should have already known. Wow! Many, many thanks. P.S. Did you hear that God thinks I’m pretty stinkin’ cool!!" Executive Pastor and Wife, Indiana
"All I can say is thank you for listening to us, no judging us, encouraging us, giving us tools to tackle anxiety, feeding us incredible meals and sharing your wisdom throughout the week! You are awesome." Women's Ministry Pastor and Hustand, Kentucky
"WOW! Words cannot express how thankful we are for the life changing experience we had at Blessing Ranch Ministries. This has been the greatest week of our lives. Thank you for praying for us, helping us to see what true ‘intimacy’ is and guiding us in beginning our journey of trusting each other but most of all our Father. Both of you have blessed us and made an impression that will last forever. We are truly thankful for the ministry, refreshment and renewal that you have provided. God bless!" Senior Pastor and Wife, British Columbia, Canada
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